Top 10 Secrets That Will Make Your Insta Reel Go Viral

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Do you want more people to watch your Insta Reels? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a reel that will get everyone talking!

Give your audience what they want

If you want to make your reel go viral, give your audience what they want.

But wait, there’s more: Give them what they need. Give them what they deserve. Even if they don’t even know they need it or deserve it yet. Because if you’re going to start from scratch and all these people are new, who is going to know how much needs doing? You are! And we’re giving ourselves a promotion here—from mere “audience” to “people who know what other people need.” Now that’s some serious power! So once again: give them something wonderful (even if it’s just a little bit). And then give them some more of whatever that was because maybe someone else wants that too and will share it with their own friends who will also share and so on until everyone knows about this great thing called The Reel That Will Make Your Insta Go Viral!

Get creative

What’s the point of putting together a reel if it doesn’t make you stand out in a sea of other creatives? Get creative with how you present your Instagram videos. Use different fonts and styles, add graphics or illustrations (and be sure to credit as necessary), and have fun with the music. Don’t forget to include subtitles so that viewers who can’t hear your video fully understand what’s happening in each clip.

Your reel is an exciting opportunity for creativity and experimentation!

Go with your gut

The gut is a powerful tool. People make decisions based on their guts all of the time, and it’s easy to see why. The gut is an intuitive part of the brain, meaning it works faster than the conscious mind. It can make quick decisions without having to go through all those pesky analytical steps that take up so much time and energy.

Gut instincts don’t always mean you’re right—just ask anyone who has ever bought anything from Groupon—but they are usually a good way to make decisions in life. You know what you like and don’t like? Trust that instinct!

Be yourself and enjoy the process

Being yourself is the best way to go viral. The world loves authenticity and genuineness, so don’t try to be something you’re not. Also, don’t be afraid to fail; if something doesn’t work as expected, keep trying until it does!

Don’t fear the trial and error process because it’s all part of learning what works for you (and your audience). Don’t fret about getting things right on the first try—you can always tweak things later.

Make sure you have a strong profile

Let’s start with the most important part: your profile. It’s critical that you have a strong one. To make sure it is, use the below tips:

  • Use a clear and concise image as your profile picture
  • Make sure your bio is informative and well-written
  • Fill out all of your information on Instagram (don’t forget to link accounts!)

This will ensure that users will understand who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you before even opening up their app or browser.

Create eye-catching thumbnails.

You need to make sure that your thumbnail is eye-catching. To do this, you’ll need to avoid a few things:

  • don’t use a picture that’s too busy. Your thumbnail is one of the first things people see when they click on your reel and if it’s full of text and logos, it can be hard to read quickly and decide whether or not they want to watch the video.
  • don’t use a picture that’s too dark or bright because it will be harder for people to see what’s going on in the video and again, make them wonder if they should click through or not.
  • don’t use blurry or pixelated images because these will also distract from the content itself and make viewers choose between watching your reel now or waiting until you update it later (which may never happen).

Use music to set the mood for your content.

Using music can help set the mood for your content and make it more interesting. Think of how many times you’ve watched a video on YouTube or Facebook, only to click away because the background music was too loud, too quiet, or not at all in tune with what was happening in the video. On the other hand, if music is used well—like in a movie trailer—it can add depth and intrigue to an otherwise dull clip.

Your choice of the soundtrack can also have an impact on whether your video goes viral or not. While some people prefer silence when watching videos online (especially if they’re listening through headphones), others like choosing their own tunes from Spotify or iTunes during their viewing experience. If you want more viewers clicking “viewer” rather than “unsubscribe” on your Insta Reel, try using upbeat songs from artists like Beyonce or Jay-Z—they might just catch someone else who enjoys their music enough to check out your reel!

Post at the optimal time for your audience.

If you want to get your video reel in front of the right audience, one of the most important things you can do is post it at the optimal time for your audience.

Posting on Instagram at the wrong time will mean that few people see your content and fewer people share it.

The best times to post depend on what kind of follower base you have:

  • If you have a small but engaged following (a few hundred or less), then Tuesday through Thursday are usually good days for posting. On Fridays, people are usually busy with weekend plans so don’t be surprised if fewer users engage with your content on Friday or Saturday. You may want to consider posting earlier in the week so that it has more opportunities to be seen by new audiences as well as keep up the momentum throughout long weekends.
  • If you have a mid-sized follower base (a few thousand) or larger, then Monday through Thursday tend to work best overall because they’re prime times when most people are online looking at their feeds and sharing things they enjoy; however, this can vary depending on where in the world those followers live—for example, US audiences typically engage more during lunchtime than Australian ones do since many offices close early Fridays afternoons locally there! To find out when certain demographics like yours tend to visit their feeds most often during different parts of each day check out tools like Later which lets users set automated reminders based on specific criteria such as location tags used within posts from other accounts (like brands). Similar services like Iconosquare’s dashboard also give insight into these trends among large groups of social media users around the world–which makes sense considering how popular apps like Instagrammers’ top picks list really are among industry professionals who want insight into trending topics outside just North America.”

Engage with the community!

The key to making your Insta reel go viral is by engaging with the community. When you engage with your followers, they feel like they know you and want to follow you. You can do this by using hashtags, commenting on other people’s posts, stories, polls and so much more!

Track the analytics to find out what works best.

  • While it’s always helpful to have a solid understanding of your audience and what they like, it’s also important to keep track of how your content is performing on Instagram. You can use analytics (like those provided by Iconosquare) to see what time of day you should post, which type of content works best for your audience, and which hashtags are most effective.

It is doable to make your Instagram Reels go viral. It takes work, but it is worth it!

It is doable to make your Instagram Reels go viral. It takes work, but it is worth it!

  • Listen to your followers and respond to their comments. Responding to comments on Instagram is a great way to engage with people who are interested in what you post and also for building relationships with them. When someone asks about something that was mentioned in a video or photo, take the time to answer them directly and provide more information. This will help build trust with followers as well as help drive more views, likes, and shares when people see how responsive you are!
  • Create new content regularly – If done correctly this will keep viewers coming back again and again because they know new videos/photos will be posted at some point soon (I recommend keeping up at least one post per day). You should also consider posting twice per day if possible since many users check their account multiple times during the day while others prefer having all their social media updates delivered at once so they don’t have anything missed later on during busy days filled with meetings or other commitments that take away time from using social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger.”


We hope these tips have been helpful for you. The key takeaway here is that there is no magic formula for going viral on Instagram. The best way to succeed is by being yourself and doing what comes naturally! Don’t try too hard, just focus on having fun with the process and getting creative with your images. Also keep in mind that while some of this advice may seem counterintuitive (like posting at an unfavorable time), it’s all about knowing your audience and understanding how to get their attention while making them want more from you as a brand or person!

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